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Should You Do Music Exams?

"Oh, no - I don't want to do music exams", a student of mine would tell me. "I just want to learn to play the piano for fun." "Cool! Okay, which song would you like to start learning?" I (the music teacher) reply. I am slightly disappointed. Afterall, exams can actually be really fun to prepare for… Continue reading Should You Do Music Exams?

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How to Plan the Best Christmas Ever

I. Love. Christmas. Family, good food, vacation time, Christmas traditions, good food, Christmas music, good food - it's the makings of the most wonderful time of year! Although sometimes it feels like Christmas is a blur, probably because I don't plan out Christmas as well as I should. There's always that activity or service idea… Continue reading How to Plan the Best Christmas Ever

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Using Hydrogen Peroxide in your Ears : Good or Bad Idea?

To all you Pinterest life-hackers out there, I am sure you have come across this hack for beating colds and ear infections: administering a few drops of a 3% solution of Hydrogen Peroxide in your ears. The result is most satisfying and dramatic - a bubbling chemical reaction that creates a froth in your ear… Continue reading Using Hydrogen Peroxide in your Ears : Good or Bad Idea?

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What To Do When You’re Sick (But Still Trying To Function)

I have been sick for the past month with 3 entirely different ailments and illnesses. It's been awful, because when you have an adult life full of responsibilities, it's not like everything can just stop and wait for you to get better. Or you could just hibernate for a couple of days and everything will… Continue reading What To Do When You’re Sick (But Still Trying To Function)

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Spring – Music & Movement Lesson Plan

For those of us living in the southern hemisphere, the warm weather is here. At last the sunny days of short sleeves and bare feet has come! Then for those of you in the northern hemisphere - how about y'all just save this lesson plan for future use! It's one to look forward to for… Continue reading Spring – Music & Movement Lesson Plan