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Parenting Karma is REAL

img_1466We all know of some things that we know we can do better than others.

Especially when it comes to parenting. I mean, I would never let my child throw a tantrum over a silly ice cream in the supermarket. I would never let my home get that dirty. What a pity that those parents I saw at the park the other day are obviously doing something wrong with their child, because they let them eat grass. Honestly. The world has no idea how amazing I am going to be as a parent.

Yep. That was my thinking, BK. Before Kids. I guess many of us thought that way before kids.


Let me tell you something about judging. It’s called KARMA. Yes, when you find yourself getting all judgemental – watch out – whatever it is could happen to you.

I will share one example from my life that taught me a good, hard lesson. It was when I had my first baby and he was a few months old. And as with all first children, the baby book is all filled in, the house is neatly organised and baby’s vaccination card is in order.

When my sister told me that she had lost her vaccination card, I was so aghast that she would lose such an important document regarding the health of her children! She was the mother of two and her youngest child had not been up to date with her shots for months. I mentally rolled my eyes at her when she confessed this to me. Don’t you put them in a safe place? I even asked her. Later, I told my husband about my sister being so neglectful with losing her children’s vaccination cards.

I was sitting way up on my high horse for sure.

Thankfully – my sister found those vaccination cards about a month later and got her kids sorted with their shots.

Fast forward three years into the future: I am the mother of two kids, and life is a lot different from being a mommy of one. And somehow I have lost my children’s vaccination cards. But as in – LOST – gone – NO WHERE to be found. I spring-cleaned my home numerous times, called the baby clinics to perhaps see if I had left them there, looked at my parents house, I looked everywhere.


For those of you who have not had the miserable task of replacing a vaccination card, you are blessed. Make sure you take those cards and photocopy them a hundred times and scan them and save them in the cloud. Because trying to play detective and track down all the nurses who ever gave your children shots is a nuisance to say the least. The thought of the lost cards occupied my mind frequently, causing a wave of guilt and anxiety to creep over me. My 2 and a half year-old had not even had his 18-month shot yet.

Eventually, I did track down all the nurses who gave my child shots and the replacement card was complete! I was so relieved. It was in total a year and a half of not having that card.

Then one week later, as I was cleaning my bedside drawers out, I found something stuck right underneath on the inside of the drawer.

Yep, you guessed it – the vaccination card.

I was in disbelief and I was quite frustrated after all the hard work I had done of replacing the silly card. But I still said a humble prayer of thanks right then and there that I had found the original.

Moral of the story: Karma is real. If you find yourself judging another person, it could be you. If you judge someone because they are overweight, for example – well who knows – it could be you. You may end up with a metabolic disease one day. Or you may not. I’m not saying that judging people of certain things will automatically make those things happen to you, but all I am saying is that they potentially could. And sometimes Karma can take the lead.

But whether or not it happens to you, at the end of the day you will be much happier if you first stop to think and feel before you judge others.


I have since apologised to my sister about judging her with the lost vaccination cards. But I am also glad that I learned this invaluable lesson. I have become more humble, more unassuming of others and more accepting. Something that is easy for you may be difficult for others. And something that is difficult for you may be easy for others.

I do believe that what you send out in life will return to you.

“For with what judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged” – Matthew 7:2


Do you have an experience you would like to share about judging others and how karma played its role? Feel free to comment below!



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